FLIGHTS OF FANCY (El Lujo de Soñar)

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In August 2006, we had a chance to visit San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, and Usulután, the birthplace of the Saca family.


The Saca Bunch in the rooftop of the Saca family home.“The Saca Bunch” on the rooftop of the Saca family birthplace.

Front of StoreThe current storefront of what was once the Saca childhood home.

Tile floorThe little things in life sure can have emotional resonance.  What was once Lalo’s childhood bedroom is now the second floor of a shoe store.  The original tile floor remains.

img_2675We literally had to climb over the brown boxes to gain access to the staircase that leads to the rooftop.  That’s Lalo’s wife, Nidia, making her way out.

img_2659The backyard of the childhood home, where the boys wiled away the hours playing soccer, has a tree branch growing out of the wall.

img_2698_2There is a Salvadoran snack foods company called, “Boquitas Diana” (literally, “Little Mouths Diana”).  This is their
“DianaMobile” (in Spanish at the top of the front of the van it reads, “DianaMovil”).  I felt so important….LOL.

Man repairing umbrellaNothing goes to waste in El Salvador….


Tío Gustavo and Tía Carmela's kitchen in San Salvador.Kitchen View 2Tío Gustavo and Tía Carmela’s kitchen in San Salvador, looks the same as it did over 30 years ago when Lalo stayed here, after running away from home.

img_2694A very popular market, where one can get the yummiest of pupusas.