FLIGHTS OF FANCY (El Lujo de Soñar)

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In September 2008, we spent a fun and relaxing afternoon/evening at the Saca home, partaking of Salvadoran pupusas, Cuban pastries, and fried platanos, sharing stories and laughter, dancing and singing, and eating…lots of eating!

The Sacas: “¡Bienvenidos!  Our casa is your casa.”

Juan Carlos, Nidia, and Daniel Enrique, Rey, and Ricardo
Left: Juan Carlos Velis, Nidia Saca, and Daniel Hamuy.  Right: Enrique Martin, Rey Valentin, Ricardo (“Lalo”) Saca

picture-159Eddy Martin and his father, Enrique Martin.

Sean, Rosalinda, and Daniel
Nidia Saca, Sean Redick, Rosalinda Morales, Daniel Eduvijes Carrera, and Gisset Rentería.

Yvette Yates (role: Dina) hams it up for the camera.

Britney and Ricardo
Ricardo (“Lalo”) chats with Daniel Eduvijes Carrera and Britney Vargas (role: Jessica).

Rey, Yvette, and Ricardo
Ricardo (“Lalo”) chats with cast members, Yvette Yates and Rey Valentin (role: Lalo), with Gisset Rentería, Sandra Sanchez, and Enrique Martin in the background.

Donald, Nidia, and Daniel
Production attorney, Donald Smiley with Nidia Saca, and music composer, Daniel Hamuy.

Britney Vargas, Yvette Yates, Lidia Pires (role: Tía Carmela), and Gisset Rentería.

David and Rosalinda
David Devora (role: Duncan) with casting director, Rosalinda Morales.

Kevin, Daniel and Gisset
Juan Carlos Velis (role: Mauricio) with Kevin Durand, Daniel Hamuy, and Gisset Rentería.

Donald and Richard
Donald Smiley with Richard Yñiguez (role: Don Luis).

Then a Salvadoran/Cuban lunch was served.  Pupusas from Ricardo’s (“Lalo”) native El Salvador and an assortment of pastries and goodies from Porto’s Bakery to reflect Nidia’s Cuban heritage:

picture-103Ricardo (“Lalo”) with his wife, Nidia Saca, and Rey Valentin.

Sean and YvetteSean Redick and Yvette Yates

Richard and DavidRichard Yñiguez and David Devora.

All at tableRosalinda Morales, Sandra Sanchez, Britney Vargas, Richard Yñiguez, Mario J. Novoa, David Devora, Eddy Martin, and Daniel Hamuy.

Rosalinda, Mario, and KevinAdriana de Béky, Hernán de Béky, Rosalinda Morales, Mario J. Novoa, Kevin Durand, Sandra Sanchez, and Britney Vargas.

Kevin, Richard, and Sandra
Kevin Durand, Richard Yñiguez, Sandra Sanchez, and Britney Vargas.

Then after eating….

Lalo with photo album Ricardo with album 2
Ricardo (“Lalo”) breaks out the family photographs, so that the cast members can get a glimpse of some of the real people they will be portraying in the film.

Ricardo with album 3

Bring out the desserts:

Cake 1

Cake 2

Rosalinda Morales and Eddy Martin celebrate their birthdays!

Group with cakes Rosalinda and Eddy cutting cake
“Happy Birthday to youuuu!”  And then of course, those whose birthdays are being celebrated must cut the cake and serve those doing the celebrating…!

The music starts:

Richard, Sean, and DanielRichard Yñiguez conducts the crowd in an attempt to get us to sing on key!

Ricardo with congas

Hernan with guitar

Eddy and Hernan with Guitar 3 picture-239
Ricardo pounds on the congas, while Hernán de Béky (role: Tío Mario) plays the guitar, with Eddy Martin belting out songs.  The singing continued into the night, as can be seen by the change in lighting.  Eventually, Hernán de Béky is joined by Mario J. Novoa and Richard Yñiguez.  Their musical talent is really something to behold!

GroupA group photo with some late arrivals missing. Standing from left to right: Donald Smiley, Yvette Yates, Diana Lesmez, Gisset Rentería, Sandra Sanchez, Britney Vargas, Rosalinda Morales, Richard Yñiguez, and Lidia Pires. Sitting from left to right: Daniel Hamuy, Daniel Eduvijes Carrera, Nidia Saca, Ricardo (“Lalo”) Saca, Rey Valentin, Eddy Martin, Mario J. Novoa, and David Devora.