FLIGHTS OF FANCY (El Lujo de Soñar)

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Rey Valentin is a highly trained actor, having graduated from the  SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory, where he studied under the  direction of Joan Potter. He launched his career as a member of  the cast of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING for the 50th year  celebration of Shakespeare in Central Park. Then transitioning into  television, he has appeared on LAW AND ORDER, BEDFORD  DIARIES, NUMB3RS, CSI:NY, and ONE TREE HILL. Currently, he is a  regular on HBO’s miniseries, GENERATION KILL, and has recently landed a recurring role on NCIS. Later this year, he will also be  seen in the film, CROSSING OVER, co-starring alongside Harrison  Ford, Ashley Judd, Sean Penn and Ray Liotta.

Rey is playing the protagonist, LALO, who is a self-made man and the perfect combination of a dreamer and a risk-taker. While he is driven to succeed and is incredibly generous to his family, he is also human and can be plagued by a profound sense of loneliness. In the end, Lalo embodies the American Dream, making it very much of a reality for himself and his family.


Lacey Chabert is a star of television and cinema. Who can forget her scene-stealing performance as Gretchen Weiners in MEAN GIRLS. We also watched her grow up as Claudia Salinger in PARTY OF FIVE, and eventually become one of the busiest on-screen and voice actresses today.

Lacey is playing the role of SANDY, Lalo’s first wife. Sandy is caught in a quandary between being madly in love with Lalo and adapting to his traditional values, on the one hand, and giving herself over to the exploding feminist movement of the 70s, on the other.

PAULA GARCÉS – Role: Nidia

Paula Garcés co-stars in the HAROLD & KUMAR franchise and has been a regular on the hit television series, THE SHIELD. Paula is not only beautiful and talented, but with her youthful looks, she often plays a wide range of roles.

Paula is playing the role of NIDIA SACA, Lalo’s love interest and the woman who steals his heart in the end. Nidia and Lalo’s relationship is destined to work because they not only fall in love with each other but truly get and embrace each other’s essence.


María Conchita Alonso is a world-class actress and singer. An award-winning performer, she launched her career with the memorable film, MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON, starring opposite Robin Williams. Since then, she has accumulated a rather long and impressive list of notable credits in film and television.

María Conchita is playing the role of TÍA GLORIA, Lalo’s eccentric and comically quirky (albeit inadvertently) aunt, who cannot help but love her nephew. Her intentions are usually good even if her actions are not always as kind.

LAURA CERÓN – Role: Maria Luisa Saca

Laura Cerón has been a series regular on one of TV’s most popular and enduring series, E.R. She has played Nurse Chuny Marquez on E.R. since 1995.

Laura is playing the role of MARIA LUISA SACA, wife of Ricardo Jacobo and Lalo’s mother. Maria Luisa is the Rock of Gibraltar for her family but after their financial ruin, her strength will be challenged to its limits.

ADRIAN ALONSO – Role: Young Lalo

Adrian Alonso is the star of the recent hit, UNDER THE SAME MOON (Bajo La Misma Luna). He also appeared in THE LEGEND OF ZORRO, playing Antonio Banderas’ and Catherine Zeta Jones’ son.

Adrian is playing our protagonist, LALO, when he is young.  Lalo is a dreamer and at this early stage of his life, he is caught in a balancing act between his sense of duty toward his family and his quest for independence and self-fulfillment.

EDDY MARTIN – Role: Young Tony

Eddy Martin is multi-talented. He has been acting for years and has accumulated an impressive body of work, including the lead role in Salma Hayek’s directorial debut, THE MALDONADO MIRACLE. Eddy can also belt out a tune and has performed live on television, singing rancheras.

Eddy is playing the role of TONY SACA, Lalo’s younger brother, who today is the President of El Salvador. The bond that was forged in childhood is solidified during his teen years, when Lalo serves as a role model to Tony and encourages him to pursue his own dreams.


PAOLA TURBAY – Doña Ilusión

Paola Turbay is stunningly beautiful (she competed in the Miss Universe pageant as Miss Colombia), and she is also very talented as an actress and on-air hostess, as well as a producer and director.  She has a college degree in Psychology.

Paola is playing DOÑA ILUSIÓN, the young mother of the teen-aged Lucía, who is Lalo’s first love.  Doña Ilusión is tender and caring and at one point the only adult who believes in Lalo’s ability to make his dreams come true.

dyana-ortelli1DYANA ORTELLI – Role Tía Alicia

Dyana Ortelli has a remarkable career in television and film with a long list of credits to her name. In addition to being a superb actress, Dyana is also a popular stand-up comic.

Dyana is playing the role of TÍA ALICIA, Lalo’s quirky aunt who first introduces him to the notion of leaving his beloved El Salvador in search of the American Dream.

GABRIEL PORRAS – Role: Ricardo Jacobo Saca

Gabriel Porras co-starred in the recent hit, UNDER THE SAME MOON (Bajo La Misma Luna), and is a highly popular Mexican television and film star, with a following throughout Latin America and the U.S.

Gabriel is playing the role of RICARDO JACOBO SACA, patriarch of the Saca clan who suffers a profound personal loss when his business goes under and his family disintegrates as a unit.

RENÉ LAVAN – Role: Guillermo

René Lavan will soon be seen in one of the two Steven Soderbergh’s epic films on Che Guevara, GUERRILLA, and recently appeared in the family hit, CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS, starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis.

René is playing the role of GUILLERMO, Lalo’s cousin and best friend. Guillermo has a mischievous streak to him and has a way of seeing through nonsense to the truth of the matter. He is the voice of reason in Lalo’s often-chaotic life.


Richard Yniguez is a veteran of film, television, and stage. In addition to his extensive list of credits, which include the soon-to-be-released romantic comedy, MEET ME IN MIAMI, and appearances on the television series CSI: MIAMI, BABYLON 5, and THE SHIELD, Richard has also written, directed, and produced for the big and small screen in both English and Spanish.

Richard is playing the role of DON LUIS, band manager for the musical group, LOS VIKING JUNIORS, of which Lalo was a member. In his teen-aged years, Lalo played the congas and sang lead vocals as a member of this popular band in El Salvador. But like most of his dreams at the time, this hope for a brighter future also vanished when the band broke up just as it was reaching the pinnacle of its popularity.


Yvette Yates launched her acting career on the acclaimed PBS series, AMERICAN FAMILY.  She also appeared on the hit Showtime series, RESURRECTION BLVD.  Last year, Yvette starred in the feature, LIVE!, with Eva Mendes, as well as was the lead in an award-winning short film, NIÑA QUEBRADA (aka Broken Girl), for which she has been nominated in the category of Best Actress in a Film at the Imagen Awards and Best Actress at the Malibu Film Festival, in 2008.  Yvette is currently playing the role of a deaf character in the feature film based on the bestseller book, I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL.

Yvette is playing the role of DINA, who is married to Lalo’s older brother, Mauricio. Dina is a kind and gentle soul whose life is turned upside down by the arrival at her home of the financially devastated Saca family. A nurse by trade, Dina is one of the first to encourage Lalo to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor when he seems to lose all hope.

ALEX MENDOZA – Role: Tío Gustavo

Alex Mendoza recently wowed audiences performing in John Steinbeck’s classic play, OF MICE AND MEN, at the Pasadena Playhouse. He has made numerous guest appearances on television and has also been a series regular.

Alex is playing the role of TÍO GUSTAVO, a loving uncle of Lalo’s who comes to his aid when all seems to be lost. Tío Gustavo is the loving and infectiously charming head of his household.

JUAN CARLOS VELIS – Role: Mauricio

Juan Carlos Velis is an actor and playwright who we were very fortunate to have met by chance when we ran into his close friend, actor Kevin Durand, during a flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Los Angeles. Juan Carlos has an established film and television acting career and is of Salvadoran descent, which makes him feel personally connected to Lalo’s story.

Juan Carlos is playing the role of Lalo’s older brother, MAURICIO, who makes great personal sacrifices in his youth to help support his family when all seems lost for the Sacas.


Elizabeth Valdez recently was awarded her second Silver Goddess (“Diosa de la Plata”) award for best supporting actress. Elizabeth appeared in the popular film, LAS LLORONAS, and in addition to being an actress, she also sings and dances.

Elizabeth is playing the role of LUCÍA, Lalo’s first love who is tragically and unfairly taken from him by those closest to him. By unequivocally believing in him, Lucía represents all that is good with humanity and inspires in Lalo a profound sense of hope and love.

RUBÉN RABASA – Role: Arnulfo

Rubén Rabasa is often recognized for his stint as the stand-up comic on the long-running, top-rated weekly variety show, SÁBADO GIGANTE, widely watched in the U.S., and throughout Latin America. In addition to his impeccable comedic timing, Rubén has proven himself to be equally as adept at delivering dramatic performances, as can be seen by his long list of film, television, and stage credits. Rubén is also a popular singer/songwriter.

Rubén is playing the role of ARNULFO, the short-order cook at Tía Gloria’s restaurant in Los Angeles. He is Lalo’s first friend in the U.S., and someone who encourages the young man to continue dreaming big and bettering himself. Arnulfo has experienced first-hand the impact of having a lack of formal education.

LIDIA PIRES – Role: Tía Carmela

Lidia Pires can be seen in the recent box office hit, LADRON QUE ROBA LADRON. In addition to being an actress, she is also a writer/producer and serves as a mentor to Native American playwrights. Lidia has appeared as an on-air host for an international television series, as well as a women’s talk show.

Lidia is playing the role of TÍA CARMELA, who is married to Tío Gustavo. Both loving and supportive of Lalo, she opens her home to him in his hour of need, helping to forever change the course of his life.

ELLEN GERSTEIN – Role: Nurse Annie

Ellen Gerstein is a renaissance woman. A licensed therapist, Ellen is a professional actress who recently stole every scene she was in, in the staging of Hedda Gabler at the Odyssey Theater. Ellen is also an award-winning filmmaker.

Ellen is playing NURSE ANNIE, who watches over Lalo as he struggles to stay the course in his pursuit of a medical career.

DAVID DEVORA – Role: Duncan

David Devora has recently launched his acting career, co-starring in the HBO film, WALKOUT. I met David last summer, while I was mentoring at NALIP’s Latino Producer’s Academy, held in Tucson, AZ. David’s ability to take direction and to bring depth to his performances led to his being cast in our film. With his striking good looks, we are certain that he is poised to become a leading man very soon, indeed!

David is playing the role of DUNCAN, Lalo’s medical school buddy, who maintains a friendly rivalry between them.

BRITNEY VARGAS – Role: Jessica

Britney Vargas is launching her film acting career with her first on-screen performance in FLIGHTS OF FANCY. Britney has been training and working very hard to develop her talent and skills as an actress and is ready to conquer Hollywood!

Britney is playing the role of JESSICA, the object of affection for most of the boys in her small hometown–including Lalo, who is completely smitten and even distracted by her.

HERNÁN DE BÉKY – Role: Tío Mario

Hernán de Béky has recorded over 500 movie trailer titles and thousands of television and radio commercials and promos.  In fact, he has become one of the premier Spanish voice artists in the U.S.  Furthermore, Hernán has received three Emmy® Awards, two Don Belding Awards, and a Clio® Award.  In addition, Hernán has also appeared on camera in many commercials.  Today, Hernán chairs the National Spanish Language Media Task Force at the Screen Actors Guild.

Hernán is playing the role of TÍO MARIO, who opens his home in Los Angeles to Lalo and helps set him on the path toward achieving the American Dream.