FLIGHTS OF FANCY (El Lujo de Soñar)

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LOGLINE: Inspired by real-life events, FLIGHTS OF FANCY is a fish-out-of-water drama about Lalo Saca, a young man who dreams of becoming a doctor.  Along his journey, he faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, including profound loneliness, culture shock, a language barrier, and a failed marriage.  Through it all, Lalo remains the steadfast supporter of his family back in El Salvador, putting through school his younger brother, Tony, who eventually becomes President of El Salvador.  What makes Lalo’s story of his coming-of-age, rags-to-riches embodiment of the American Dream particularly cinematic is the fact that at its core, it delivers a universally compelling theme of the human drive to thrive.

BACKSTORY: In 2004, during Elías Antonio (“Tony”) Saca’s presidential campaign in El Salvador, he often spoke publicly about his debt of gratitude toward his older brother, Dr. Ricardo E. (“Lalo”) Saca, who immigrated to the U.S., illegally and then simultaneously held down several jobs for many years while putting himself through school and sending much-needed financial support to his family back home.

BUZZ: Given its subject matter and Lalo’s close relation to former President Tony Saca of El Salvador, FLIGHTS OF FANCY benefits from built-in high-profile media attention both in the U.S., as well as throughout Latin America.  The English- and Spanish-language print and broadcast press in the U.S., interviewed Lalo about his experiences as an immigrant and his remarkable professional success, given the fact that he didn’t speak a word of English when he first arrived in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, it is expected that in 2013, former President Tony Saca will once again run for President of El Salvador.  The laws in El Salvador prevent a president from running for a consecutive second term, having to skip at least one term before seeking re-election.  Given that President Saca left office with exceedingly high approval ratings, it is more likely than not that he will be re-elected next year.

WRITER / PRODUCER: Diana Lesmez has years of experience in most areas of the film industry.  An accomplished industry executive, she is also the producer of the feature film, CULTURE CLASH IN AMERICCA, directed by Emilio Estevez, as well as the Production Manager of the feature film, LETTING GO OF GOD, based on Julia Sweeney’s award-winning, one-woman stage show.  Diana has also been a screenwriting and producing instructor at The Los Angeles Film School and a pitching, producing, and distribution and marketing instructor at the New York Film Academy.  She is a pitching consultant, offering one-on-one guidance, as well as seminars at various film festivals and organizations.

TALENT: Letters of intent have been signed by: Rey Valentin (GENERATION KILL, NCIS, CROSSING OVER), Lacey Chabert (MEAN GIRLS, PARTY OF FIVE), María Conchita Alonso (VIVA HOLLYWOOD and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Eddy Martin (THE MALDONADO MIRACLE), Rene Laván (CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS), Gabriel Porras (UNDER THE SAME MOON), Paola Turbay (TRUE BLOOD and LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA), Rubén Rabasa (THE LOST CITY), Dyana Ortelli (LUMINARIAS), and Alex Mendoza (PORT CHARLES).

LOCATION: Most of the filming is planned for Puerto Rico, which has significant production resources and similar landscapes to El Salvador, with additional filming in Southern California.

FINANCING:  Financing is being raised from equity investors, co-productions, strategic industry partnerships, organic product placement vendors, distribution deals, and via Puerto Rico’s tax incentive program of 40%.